Our business: Export – Trade & Production

ERAI EXPORT is an integrator of industrial electricity, specialist in High, Medium and Low voltage, industrial automation, control, measurement, regulation and supervision. ERAI EXPORT‘s expertise is widely recognized in West Africa where several customers call on know-how for the supply of electrical equipment, technical study engineering, design, automation, instrumentation, as well as equipment integration in premises, containers, or shelters for rugged environments.

ERAI EXPORT has been selling and exporting equipment for many years. We intervene in West African countries (Togo, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, etc…). At the heart of the industrial business, we put at your service
our know-how in electrical engineering. From the expression of your needs, we are able to accompany you through out your projects, from engineering to the realization of the works.
ERAI EXPORT proposes the “turnkey” realization of electrical projects in the industrial, mining, quarrying, power plants, cement industries, etc…

The expertise of ERAI EXPORT is highly appreciated in export by the countries of West Africa which call upon its know-how for :

  • The supply of technical electrical equipment (Low voltage boards, automation cabinets, etc.) and instrumentation (digital and analog sensors, valves, etc…).
  • Electrical installation studies with calculation notes under: ” CANECO BT and HT “.
  • Plans and diagrams under ” AUTOCAD ” or ” SEE ELECTRICAL “,
  • Studies in automatism, process and instrumentation.
  • Studies in renewable energy (photovoltaic park, wind power, …).
  • The transport of dangerous materials (pyralene).

ERAI EXPORT works in West Africa with internationally renowned companies.

Erai Export works with internationally renowned suppliers

Electrical and automation equipment

Instrumentation equipment (sensor, control valve and block valve)